Credit management

As we all know the impact of overdue invoices and the time spent on chasing payments is a persistent threat to the wellbeing of any small business, not to mention the fact that it can sour relationships with clients. But it doesn’t need to be that way!

If you outsource your credit management to us, we have a very clear and precise process in place to recover your outstanding payments, we believe that chasing payments should not be carried out by directors or business owners. it's important to separate this role to ensure that business relationships on other levels are not affected.

Our Process:

  • A member of our staff will dedicate time each week to following our systematic process in order to keep on top of your ledger.


This process includes:

  • Issuing statements.
  • Follow up telephone calls.
  • Follow up emails (which gradually become firmer)
  • Follow up Letters
  • Escalating to Final Demand if necessary
  • Acting on Final Demand with Solicitors Letter


Results our existing clients experience:

  • Invoices are paid more quickly
  • Improved cash-flow (normally by 40%+)
  • Reduced bad debt
  • Improvement on customer relationships
Virtual Offices Waterford, Credit management


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